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People in Palestine, Yemen, Fiji, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries NEED Our Help

Yemen is one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises with more than 24 million people in need of assistance according to United Nations. Children account for more than 12 million of those needing assistance.

Aspire for Hope Society

Our Operations, Partners and Teams

ASPIRE for Hope Society (“AHS”) is a charitable organization that provides food assistance and advocates self-reliance by providing case management and other ASPIRE programs globally. AHS recognizes the challenges that people face in supporting themselves and helps them overcome these challenges by focusing on several core areas: Food Insecurity, Water Accessibility, Education, Skills Development, Employment, Housing, Physical and Mental Health Support. Our vision is to live in a world where humanity is driven by compassion and love, when people help each other to become self-reliant so that they can in turn help others in their challenges.  


AHS’s approach to dealing with the needs of people is simple, yet has a massive impact. We make charitable giving to help those in need, achievable and rewardable, ensuring everyone can help those in need by donating or contributing knowledge or skills.


We also work closely with partners who have teams on the ground to support the most needy. With your help, those teams will provide victims of the conflict, assistance with food basket, medications and general suport.

100% of the Zakat funds collected will go towards one of the following causes:

You Will Make a Difference
Make the world better, kinder, brighter. Every dollar you give will create real change.

Your help is a big part of making a big change in the world.

Collaborating with Muslim Food Bank & Community Services, USA for International Operations
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